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Facebook protection for children –beheading videos will once again take over Facebook

Posted by stevebell28@rocketmail.com

Facebook protection for kids

A lot of flak has been flying in Facebook’s direction the past few days – and parents and those who take care of children will rightly have serious concerns. Protecting children from Facebook will become mandatory.


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The cybercriminals Pot of Gold- your Personal Information is just 2 clicks away

Posted by sabina.datcu@bullguard.com

Personal information

This is the Internet era, no doubt about it: general public meets infinite variety of information via countless virtual channels. World Wide Web pages, e-mail, online shopping, and virtual chat rooms bring Internet users together (and help set them apart) in technology-mediated interactions and communication.


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What is your Social Personality?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Social personality


The presence of social media in our lives has offered us all the opportunity to create a persona and share it with the world. The Facebook profile means we can curate our identity, the privacy settings allow us to control who we share that identity with, and the status updates and photo albums mean we can keep that identity alive, with constant updates.


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The privacy paradox: sharing on social networks

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Privacy Paradox

Have you heard about the Privacy Paradox? As we share more and more information with each other on Facebook, a privacy paradox has evolved. Before we get into it, take a minute to consider what you have chosen to share with all Facebook users and the World Wide Web within your Facebook profile.


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Quitting Facebook: should you consider virtual identity suicide?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Virtual suicide


Perhaps you’ve had a few friends quit Facebook recently, or maybe you’re considering doing so yourself, either way, Facebook quitters are on the rise.

But why?

There are several reasons, internet privacy, internet addiction and content are the main three that we’ll explore.


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