Eye Scanner Security is here!

PasswordDo you always struggle to remember your passwords? Well we’ve got some great news for you! You may never have to remember another password again. The future is almost here: eye scanners. Simple scan your eye and you’re in.

Each iris is unique, which means that there’s no way hackers could break into your iPhone or your computer. A company called eyeLock has created a palm-sized device called ‘Myris’, which is able to perform an on the spot iris scan to confirm your identity. Simply connect this device to your computer via USB, and you can unlock it with your iris. The whole process only takes approximately 15 seconds.

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The Millennial’s Guide to Protecting Your Identity

The Millennial's Guide to Protecting Your IdentityGuest writer: Terry Royal

Terry is a former medical assistant-turned-certified life coach who writes about health, wellness and the power of positive thinking.

How would you feel if you went to the grocery store and found out at the checkout line that you had no money in your bank account? Normally this is embarrassing enough, but what if you knew that you should have money in the account?

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Apple iPhone 6 rumors (updates)

Apple iPhone 6 rummorsWith the beginning of each New Year, comes the latest round of iPhone rumors. When will the next one be launching? What will it look like? What will it be called? We fully expect more concrete updates in June, coming out of Apple.

New Apple’s iPhone 6 Launch

According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple has 2 iPhones to launch this year. The difference? They will both have substantially larger screens – imagine something between an iPhone and a mini iPad, a so called Phablet. Reportedly the screens will be 4.5 inches and 5 inches.
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LulzSec is dead. Long live LulzSec?

LulzSec dumpHackers claiming to belong to LulzSec have hacked into a number of university networks and in gloating terms disparaged the universities’ security. The move is something of a surprise given that LulzSec ‘officially’ disbanded in June 2011. 

Either LulzSec is back in business or it was other hackers using the infamous LulzSec name.  Details of the universities hack was posted on pastebin.com including a large number of internal network addresses connected to the establishments.

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Sharks in the waters off of Western Australia have joined Twitter

sharks_imgSharks in the waters off of Western Australia have joined Twitter. 338 sharks to be exact. Government researchers have tagged these sharks with transmitters which will set off a computer alert when they get within a half mile from a beach, this then triggers an automatic tweet to go out from the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter account. Sounds like a pretty good system!

So what do these tweets say exactly? The tweets advise the size, breed and rough location of the shark within the half mile zone. The researchers have advised that swimmers shouldn’t just rely on Twitter and throw caution to the wind.

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Yahoo email accounts hacked

Yahoo email accounts hackedChange your password!

Yahoo, the world’s second largest email service, has revealed an attempted hack on customer’s email accounts. The company hasn’t said how many accounts have been hacked but it has said it is contacting those who have been affected.

Yahoo is believed to have about 273 million accounts worldwide, including 81 million in the US. If you’ve got a Yahoo account, and haven’t received a notification from the company, it’s worth changing your password anyway, just to be on the safe side.

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Will Google Glass become the next iPhone?

Google glassWe’re all waiting patiently for Google Glass to go on sale. But as we wait, consider for a minute how Google Glass would work for you should you not have perfect 20/20 vision? It’s funny because even though they look like they’re glasses, they’re not. Fear not, Rochester Optical has developed prescription lenses that can be worn with the wearable tech. These ‘digital high definition prescription lenses’ are anticipated to expand into fashion and sport lenses for Google Glass when the product launches.


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Can Facebook read your private messages?

Can Facebook read your private messages?According to a report earlier this month, the answer to that question could be Yes. Based on the class action lawsuit Facebook is facing, it’s alleged that the global social networking site has violated its users’ right to privacy. 

Apparently our private messages are not private from Facebook, as the site has been accused of scanning private messages containing URL’s in order to conduct data mining and user profiling. Facebook is fighting back, “We believe the allegations are without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously”.

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3 Apps to help you keep your New Year Resolutions

New year resolutionsWe all start the year with the best intentions, but as we approach the end of January perhaps you’ve found yourself faltering with your resolutions.

Merely a few weeks ago, we all had grand plans to finally lose that weight, save money, and quit smoking, but the reality is change is hard and life often gets in the way.

Here are 3 apps that actually can help you keep your new year resolutions – check them out!

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