The final combat: Winamp vs. Trojan

Posted by sabina.datcu@bullguard.com | November 28, 2013

The final combat: Winamp vs. Trojan


Just as AOL announced that the once-popular music service Winamp will be shutting down on December 20, 2013, cybercriminals have started to exploit its users’ sense of nostalgia.


An email is in circulation allegedly written on behalf of the Winamp Team.  It cleverly uses the same language as that used in the original announcement on the Winamp site, informing users about the closure. 






The media-player’s fans are urged to download the latest version before a specified closing date. A direct download link is embedded in the email message.


The final combat: Winamp vs. Trojan






















However, rather than downloading the ‘last’ version of the media player, the link takes a user through to another popular piece of software – a malware Trojan.


  The final combat: Winamp vs. Trojan























We recommend that users be extremely cautious and not click on any suspicious links they receive via email, before checking the validity of the web sites which the links point  to.

And always have a security suite installed and updated.


It may be the end of the Winamp era, but it’s certainly not the end of cybercriminals’ activity.


Posted by Sabina Datcu


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