FBStalker - a data mining tool that can dig into your social life

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com | November 25, 2013

FBStalker - a data mining tool that can dig into your social life

There’s been a fair amount of criticism around Facebook’s Graph Search Feature. The majority of the claims have been around the transparency it offers anyone who wants to interact with or look into your network.


Just by downloading a data mining tool, it’s possible to develop a detailed list of all of your friends, including their personal details, such as employer, and any other details not set to private on a Facebook account.


In the past, the data mining off of Facebook’s Graph Search Feature has been a monotonous manual task, but all that has just changed. A new tool called FBStalker has changed the game.


Using just a user’s name, it populates a profile of that user’s activity within Facebook. So, what does this mean? What can this information be used for? Unfortunately, it provides hackers with the opportunity to create more customized phishing attacks on individuals – making it that much harder for you to tell what’s a phishing campaign and what a helpful message from your bank is. By understanding who you are friends with and what things you like to do, a hacker can tweak a phishing email that appears to be from a friend you interact with frequently on Facebook, meaning you’re more likely to open it and respond or click on the link within the email.


So what’s the best way to protect yourself? Lock your Facebook profile down! If you haven’t already, take a moment to clean out your friends list – who are you no longer in touch with? Review your privacy settings, can everyone see everything, including your profile and postings? Check out our previous blog on how to set-up your Facebook profile, so that you can keep your information private.


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