What is your Social Personality?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com | October 18, 2013

Social personality


The presence of social media in our lives has offered us all the opportunity to create a persona and share it with the world. The Facebook profile means we can curate our identity, the privacy settings allow us to control who we share that identity with, and the status updates and photo albums mean we can keep that identity alive, with constant updates.


TV shows such as Catfish, detail situations where people have developed online relationships, only to discover that they person they thought they knew is actually someone else. The internet and social media allowed them to present themselves as the person they perhaps wanted to be. As a result, researchers have become intrigued by our behavior and several different key personalities have been identified.



Social personality no 1 : Debbie Downer

If your Facebook status updates sound like a pity party, this is you. Are you using Facebook to gain sympathy? Try writing a status update about something that makes you happy.


Social personality no 2: Obsessive Checker

How often do you check your Facebook page? Do you check it immediately after you post something to see what your friends have responded? Are you using Facebook to get validation from your friends? Try spending time with them in person, and getting positive reinforcement.


Social personality no 3: Over Sharer

Do you post things that perhaps you shouldn’t? How open are you in regards to the content of your posts? Do you friends respond with ‘Too Much Information’? Try confiding in a friend instead, and think twice before you post something which might be inappropriate to share with your entire friend list.


Social personality no 4 : I’m Amazing!

Does your Facebook page read like a holiday catalogue? Do you broadcast only your best moments, dinners at fancy restaurants, nights out, fabulous holidays? Even if you do do all of those wonderful things, perhaps you shouldn’t always be making your friends jealous! Try to keep you page feeling authentic.


Which one are you?





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