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The cybercriminals Pot of Gold- your Personal Information is just 2 clicks away

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Personal information

This is the Internet era, no doubt about it: general public meets infinite variety of information via countless virtual channels. World Wide Web pages, e-mail, online shopping, and virtual chat rooms bring Internet users together (and help set them apart) in technology-mediated interactions and communication.


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Cyber-attacks and underground activities in Port of Antwerp

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Hacking computers

The port of Antwerp is one of Europe’s largest docks and also one of the biggest in the world. It stretches miles, from the inland flats of Belgium to the cold waters of the North Sea and last year alone over 14,500 ships docked there, unloading 184 million tons of cargo. With about 4 million containers shipped through the port every year and potential threats from organised crime and terrorism security is pretty tight. 


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What is your Social Personality?

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Social personality


The presence of social media in our lives has offered us all the opportunity to create a persona and share it with the world. The Facebook profile means we can curate our identity, the privacy settings allow us to control who we share that identity with, and the status updates and photo albums mean we can keep that identity alive, with constant updates.


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