Is Facebook making us unhappy?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com | October 29, 2013

Facebook could make you unhappy


That’s right, the number one social networking site has been studied by scientists and they have found that it is strongly linked with a decline in well-being. Apparently, the more time those participating in the study spent on Facebook, the worse they felt. It’s no substitute for human connection, in fact, those that talk to their friends on the phone or meet up with them in person have much greater levels of happiness.



So how exactly did these scientists work this out you ask?

Well, 82 young adults were selected as participants, and were sent questions via text message, 5 times a day, at random times for 2 weeks.


This is recognized as a reliable way of measuring how people feel and act. They were also asked to rate their level of satisfaction with their lives at the beginning and at the end of the study. Those that spent more time on Facebook had lower levels of satisfaction than those who spent less time on Facebook.


Clearly more studies need to be made in this area. Have you ever considered how your time spent on Facebook makes you feel? 


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