SCAM ALERT: You have won an iPhone 5s!

Posted by sabina.datcu@bullguard.com | September 10, 2013

Iphone 5s scam alert


Life, Freedom, and a new iPhone 5s for All


According to the data published by statisticbrain.com, more than 55 million iPhone 5 units were sold until May 2013; and it is expected that the new iPhone 5s to attract a large number of Apple’s fans, too.



As impressive crowds always appeal cybercriminals, the Apple fan tribe couldn’t have gone unnoticed and unexploited: the iPhone 5s congrats spam message came exactly on time. With the product’s launch, of course.




iPhone 5s scam message 

iPhone 5s scam message




























To get the prize, you just have to pay. Money? No! Just information. What we’re dealing with, in this case, is a classic example of sensitive data theft.

Our advice? Hit the Del key without regret and send this kind of message into oblivion. And never provide sensitive information to an unknown person.



Posted by Sabina Datcu


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