Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Hack-Loving Friends Closer

Posted by sabina.datcu@bullguard.com | September 3, 2013

Facebook hack


‘Facebook hack’ software STILL leads to malware


Have you ever tried hacking into your friends’ Facebook accounts just for fun?

Never been bitten by the curiosity worm that pushes you to try and find out things that you suppose your buddies are hiding from you? 


No? Oh, well, suffice to say that, for various reasons, a lot of people have done the deed and are more or less proud of it.




A desperate cry for a hacker’s help

The Internet, with its vast fields of heart rending testimonials casts away quite a lot of doubts as to the ethics of onliners. “I’m desperate, please help me” is just one message from a user who wanted to get into her boyfriend’s Facebook  account  so very bad that she didn't shy away from sounding a very melodramatic note.


Facebook hack testimonials




















Thousands of such domestic tribulation notes where these came from! Everybody wants, if not even needs to spy, to make sure that the partner doesn’t hide something when using a social network.

The solution is simple: get into everybody´s favorite DYI shop. The www is certainly rich in hacking tools that may just solve everybody's (pre)marital dilemmas. The promise? - “Any hack u want is here!”


Facebook hack message






But, as usual, playing with ‘unconventional’ tools could be a dangerous game. You wanted to get into your friend’s Facebook account, but here is an important message from your antivirus software: you were about to infect your computer with a nice Trojan...


The moral of this story? Just pop the question (not the “will you?”, but the “why did you?” one). It's simpler. And, as usual, a good antivirus solution will keep you safe.


Posted by Sabina Datcu 



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