Free offers – are they really free? Where’s the catch?

Posted by stevebell28@rocketmail.com | September 11, 2013

Free offers – are they really free?

From the hot dusty streets of a New Delhi bazaar to a free trial of one of the most sweepingly comprehensive security products on the market, there is a connection. Read on and you might just discover something that surprises you.


Sometimes ‘free’ means hidden catches. Sometimes it means a discovery that genuinely pleases


There are so many free offers out there it can sometimes seem like you’ve got to bat them off.  It can have a numbing effect too. Have you ever wandered through a bazaar in New Delhi? Just about every other person you walk by tries to get your attention to get you into their shop.




Attracting  customers : same principle, different methods

The methods can range from whispering supposedly secret mantras into your ear, that if applied assiduously every minute of every day would lift your soul out of this forest of dense matter into regions of light and bliss. Sometimes they entail sneakily dabbing something dark and unpleasant on your shoe where surprisingly a shoeshine boy a few metres down from where you are will clean it up. In the end you develop a sort of immunity to the pleading. A few well chosen phrases in Hindi seem to work well too.  

The point is that competition is intense and to attract potential buyers, hawkers will try anything and everything. Over in the Western world the same dynamics apply too but they tend to be a bit more sophisticated and rarely involve dunking unpleasant things on your shoes, not in a literal sense anyway.

It’s hardly surprising that at a general level we develop a blind side when it comes to these offers. There’s something inside of us that says ‘what’s the catch?’ While this is a natural reaction and a defence of sorts it can also make us miss genuine opportunities that could really make a positive difference.




You should not compromise when it comes to protecting your computer

Consider your computer, or any computer for that matter. Today, computers are the engines that drive and shape not only societies but also the way we live our lives.  But at one level they’re largely invisible.  Food in the shops gets there thanks to computer-driven supply chains. Money in our pockets comes from a banking industry that is absolutely dependent on computers. Travelling is also enabled by computers, from buying tickets online to airlines scheduling flights and air traffic control making sure planes land safely. 

In fact the computer has becoming the beating heart of modern life, taking information in and pumping information out in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  But how many of us acknowledge this, how many take it for granted? Yet this is one solid reason for protecting your computer.




BullGuard Internet Security – free trial 

At BullGuard we’re offering a free trial for BullGuard Internet Security. This isn’t just one more free offer, so please don’t switch off. It’s an opportunity to check out a security product that is one of the best on the market and which provides a range of features that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. 

BullGuard’s philosophy is to combine technical excellence with a real understanding of customer needs and then to create simple, easy to use products, that deliver complete protection including identity theft protection and Facebook protection. That’s why we’re offering a free trial. We want you to drop your free offer defences and see for yourself that this isn’t just one more offer.  It’s actually a great opportunity to understand just how good and sweepingly comprehensive BullGuard protection is. And we reckon you won’t be disappointed.  


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