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“The safer you feel, the more vulnerable you are” – Alex Balan, Product Manager at BullGuard

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Alex Balan

Mobile malware is growing at explosive rates. BullGuard’s Alex Balan reveals in a magazine interview, why you shouldn’t be complacent, how to evaluate the worth of a security product and why you need to protect yourself against a billion dollar industry that is dedicated to extracting your personal details from your computer.


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Identity protection software – why do you need it?

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Identity fraud

We take a look at the websites and trading platforms hackers and criminals use to buy and sell stolen credit cards, as well as drugs, guns and just about any other illicit item you can think of.  It’s a revealing read and one that illustrates how important identity protection is.


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Children as young as 8 are being groomed by online predators

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Children and internet dangers


A UK organisation dedicated to protecting children from online exploitation warns that online predators are increasingly targeting younger children.


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Baby pics on Facebook : to post or not to post?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Mother and child

Did you know that two-thirds of parents post pictures of their newborn on Facebook less than 60 minutes after birth?



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Facebook protection for your children without taking away their freedom

Posted by stevebell28@rocketmail.com

Facebook and kids

It can be tough parenting kids in the social media age. You want them to have the freedom to explore and learn but you’re also aware of the potential online threats they face. How do you protect them while also allowing them to have fun?


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