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Is B.Y.O.A (Bring Your Own App) the new B.Y.O.D?

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App security cloud



Unfortunately we’re not talking about a Bring Your Own Appetizer party… B.Y.O.A stands for Bring Your Own App, and is the latest in the ‘bring your own’ trend, the most recent being B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device).


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PRISM Government surveillance vs over-sharing

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PRISM sensitive information

Over-Sharing vs. Government Snooping 


With the recent uproar coming out of Edward Snowden’s leak on PRISM, it begs the question, what’s hurting us more? Over-sharing on social media or government snooping on our private conversations?

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The CISPA bill – all there is to know about it

Posted by blog@bullguard.com

Big Brother Security

Voluntary self disclosure of information vs. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act: who’s the Big Brother watching you?


Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), formally known as H.R. 3523, is a cybersecurity bill currently in the House of Representatives that allows the US Government to share confidential “cyber threat intelligence” with private companies, and the other way round.

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Secure text messaging doesn’t exist!

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secure text messages


It’s not new news that texting has taken over. You’ve got at least one friend that doesn’t like to talk on the phone anymore, and only texts. That friend isn’t alone, in fact, 55% of those that text a lot, agree they’d rather text than talk.



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What kind of security do you have on your Android tablet?

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Android tablet security



You don’t need to be a technological genius to know that tablets are all the rage. Take Android tablets for example, Android has seen an increase of 137% in sales since 2011 and shipping an estimated 45 million tablets plus this year.



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