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Mobile malware has seen an increase by 614% this year

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Mobile malware


Mobile Malware up by 614%



Mobile Malware has seen the highest growth in the hacker industry over the last year, reaching it’s peak growth this year, at 614%. Growth of 614% in a year is a shocking stastic, but when framed against last years growth of 155%, it becomes even more substantial and the mind boggles at what we’ll be looking at in 2014.


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Fake Google Chrome update – malware by email

Posted by sabina.datcu@bullguard.com

Update Google Chrome

What's in a Shady Update? Trojan, Anyone?


Cybercriminals are well known for their preference to cash in on people’s interest in what’s new and hot in the e-world. Web sites apparently hosting the latest browser updates count as classic honeypots as it would almost be a shame  for e-crooks to disregard the huge potential of security conscious users' fears in the race for illegal gains.




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Social Media Death Hoax – more than just a prank?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

social media celebrities hoax


Social Media Death Hoax



The latest celebrity to fall victim to a social media hoax, was Jackie Chan. It was announced across several different social media sites that he had died after performing a stunt and jumping off of the 12th floor of a building. Some urged readers to watch the ‘original video’ of his death.


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Is my SIM card at risk? Do I need SIM Card protection?

Posted by andreea_ostache@bullguard.com

SIM data protection


Destroying a myth: the unbreakable SIM card


Your personal information, banking and credit card info can all be at risk. If the phrase”SIM card protection” doesn’t ring a bell, then we strongly advise you to keep reading to learn more.


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Fake Virus alert by email – the perfect scam

Posted by blog@bullguard.com

Alert scam phishing

Don’t panic. Carry on as normal


An email has recently surfaced telling recipients that they are infected by a virus and to ensure their systems are safe they must reply with email, name and password.

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