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World of Warcraft Account Thefts On The Rise

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Worls of warcraft_account thefts_blogOnline gaming fans and World of Warcraft lovers, be careful! Blizzard, the game producer of World of Warcraft recently issued a warning about hack attacks. Apparently these attacks are taking place across both the game accounts, as well as the mobile apps (iPhone and Android). It’s especially concerning that the apps are a target of cybercriminals, as they provide access to the in-game auction house, which for those of you that aren’t die-hard World of Warcraft fans, is used to buy and sell in-game objects.


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The New Target For Ransomware Scams?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Mobile ransomware_blog_1Bad news folks, ransomware is no longer all about PCs. It has evolved to now target mobile devices, specifically Androids. Masquerading as antivirus apps, these ransomware apps are actually tasked with locking up your smartphone, instead of defending it. Previously, ransomware has typically targeted bigger devices, like your personal computer, but given the huge amount of content that we now all store on our mobile devices, it’s no surprise that the cybercriminal behavior has evolved to target new and greater opportunities. 


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What Is Browser Hijacking?

Posted by andreea_ostache@bullguard.com

Browser hijacking_blogThere are a lot of definitions for it, some more technical than others, but the simple explanation is that your internet browser program is compromised.


Most of the programs that act as hijackers come as innocent “add-ons” that promise to make your life easier or more fun, while browsing. However, this is not the only way you can become the victim of browser hijacking. You can simply visit a malicious or compromised site and get infected.


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