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Let us set up your BullGuard application

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com


Not entirely sure how to go about setting up your new BullGuard application? Worried that you might miss a beat, and not set it up properly, don’t have the time to set up or just can’t be bothered? Let us do it for you…introducing BullGuard Install & Set Up, one of three additions to our Premium services. 

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Bigger than the drugs trade

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Hacker and laptop small

It’s official. The cyber crime industry is more valuable than the global drugs trade. In simple terms, that means cyber villainy is today a highly lucrative and widespread activity. 


A committee of UK politicians have spent the last ten months sifting through a mound of evidence, listening to the testimony of those charged with protecting cyber space and generally diving so deep into the subject they’ve even surprised themselves with what they’ve discovered. 


In short, they’ve concluded that the threat to the UK from cyber crime is greater than that of a nuclear strike and money made by cyber miscreants totals more than that of the drugs trade, which alone is estimated to be worth a whopping $288 billion.

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Millions of card details stolen

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Credit cards

Recent charges against five alleged cyber criminals in the US reveals just how deep and serious the threat is to your personal information. About 160 million credit and debit card details were stolen and hundreds of millions of dollars are estimated to have been lost.


This is just the latest chapter in a continuing and relentless string of cyber attacks. The list of companies who were hacked reads like a who’s who of well-known organisations;

Nasdaq and Dow Jones stock markets, 7-Eleven, Carrefour, Jet Blue Airways, Dexia Bank in Belgium and so on.  

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Phishers want your Facebook password!

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

FB magnifying glass

Forget about your bank details, it’s your Facebook password you should be worried about. Phishers are out in full force, in fact phishing attacks in the UK have tripled over the last 12 months, and they’re after your login details on Facebook, Yahoo!, Google and Amazon – in total those 4 sites account for 30% of all phishing attacks. Shockingly, approximately 102,000 people are affected every day.

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Calling All Vine Users – Spam Alert

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Taking pic with smartphone

Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app has quickly become one of this summer’s hottest communities. And until Instagram launched video, it offered a unique service for those looking to take and share videos with their social networks. In it’s first 6 months, Vine has gained 13 million users. Spammers have begun to target Vine. With such a large user base, there is some significant earning potential for cyber criminals. It’s no surprise then that cyber criminals have figured out a way to target the app and it’s massive user base.

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