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A Parent’s Guide To Gaming

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Parents gaming_blogWhile you may not be interested in online gaming yourself, the simple fact of the matter is that your children are. Mobile games and online gaming have become one of the most loved activities of 9-16 year olds. In fact, gaming is even more popular than spending time on Facebook! This makes sense when you consider that online and mobile games run the gamut from sports, to missions, to interactive/group games, and often not only serve as a form of entertainment, but also help children to explore a range of interests while learning about teamwork.


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Sir Winston On The Lookout

Posted by winston@bullguard.com

Winston_detective_blog‘Ello, ‘Ello!


Old chaps, my, my, it has been a while since we last chatted. I’ve decided to come out of my undercover research assignment for BullGuard to share some of my thoughts on how you can protect your personal data and your children on social networks.


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Malware Spread Through Photo Sharing

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Photo-sharing_blogThis internet security report has been brought to you by the FBI. They recently revealed that photo-sharing programs are the new scam. Cybercriminals have spread their evil claws and thieving ways to yet another aspect of our internet usage. They are setting up fake photo-sharing websites and luring you in.


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Tips To Ensure Mobile Security For Kids

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Mobile security for kids_blogIt’s a very different world out there; the one our children are growing up in is certainly not the same world we grew up in. Technology has evolved quite dramatically, and as a result, we, as parents, often find ourselves unprepared for some of the most important conversations we need to be having with our children.


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The European View On Safety And Respect On The Internet

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

European internet_blogEurope is taking control of the internet. The Council of Europe is promoting an internet that is safe, and all-inclusive. As we all know, the internet offers many opportunities and has changed all of our lives for the better, but as we all also know, it is not without its risks. The goal of the new Council of Europe is to use the internet to promote democracy and cultural diversity, all while combating cybercrime.


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