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Mobile Trend: Mobile Devices Preferred Over PCs

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Mobile trend_blogIs the end of computers coming? It’s possible…We’re definitely looking at an era where more and more people are choosing tablets, e-readers, and smartphones over laptops. And experts have predicted that 60% of the market growth for this year will be in those categories.


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Watch Out! Your Facebook Friend May Be A Social Bot

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Social bots_blogBe honest, do you 100% know each and every one of your Facebook friends? Could any of them be online friends? Friends you haven’t met in the physical world? If that’s the case, they could well be social bots! Social bots (short for robots) not only masquerade as real people online, but they post like real people do, secretly promoting products or viewpoints, all while slowly stealing your private information. Botnets are the latest in social media dangers.


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