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4 Ways Cybercrooks Are Stealing From You

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Identity theft_how crooks steal data_blogIdentity theft is on the increase globally. Nothing is safe. They’re after your Facebook account, your medical identity and your financial assets. Typically, most, if not all of this information, exists in some shape or form on the World Wide Web, which means it can be hacked. You’re especially at risk if you use the same passwords, variations of the same password or personal information such as your birth date, to access this information.


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Identity Theft Gains Popularity Among Cybercriminals

Posted by elena.ionica@bullguard.com

Identity theft_blogOnline crime nowadays comes in various shapes, and identity theft is already a major concern for many consumers worldwide. While users are being thoroughly educated regarding their online behaviour, researchers admit that online identity theft is on the rise.


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Watch Out For Bad News, The Mobile Virus! 6 Tips To Stay Virus-Free

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Bad News virus_blogIt’s no joke the latest in mobile viruses is called ‘Bad News.’ To date, this virus has infected approximately 9 million Android based devices. And its attack method is unique.


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Tell Your Friends About BullGuard And Get Rewarded

Posted by blog@bullguard.com

Tell a friend_blogWe’ve got exciting news for you!


We’ve just rolled up our new Tell a friend programme, to show our appreciation for all BullGuard users, friends and followers that make up our BullGuard community. If you’re one of them, this programme is dedicated to you!


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Fraud-as-a-service, Now On Social Networks!

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Fraud on social networks_blogThat’s right folks… fraud is the latest offering in the service industry. Cybercriminals are selling ‘ready made’ kits, renting out botnets and malicious code such as the Zeus Trojan, Spy Eye and others.


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