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What You Need To Know About Passwords

Posted by elena.ionica@bullguard.com

Strong passwords_blogWith all the hacks we’ve been hearing about lately, the need for stronger and unique passwords has become more stringent than ever. Good thing researchers are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the safety and ease of use of online authentication systems. It is possible that in a not so distant future we may even be able to authenticate using pass thoughts instead of passwords.


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Is North Korea Training Hackers?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

North Korea training hackers_blogUnless you live under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about North Korea’s recent threats of a missile launch. Unfortunately, that’s not their only form of attack. A few weeks ago, South Korea experienced a synchronized cyberattack, but investigators have yet to identify the culprit. Of course, the number one suspect is North Korea.


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How Fake Adobe Flash Updates Put Your Security At Risk

Posted by andreea_ostache@bullguard.com

Fake adobe flash player update_blogSecurity researchers have recently discovered a new Android Trojan that can harvest a victim's contact list, send and intercept SMS (text) messages, make phone calls (including calls to premium numbers), and install additional malware packages – all at the same time.


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Keep Your Inbox Clean With BullGuard’s Spamfilter

Posted by blog@bullguard.com

Spamfilter photo blogAre you receiving tons of spam emails and wondering how those spammers got your email address? Well, there may be several possible answers:


1. a friend of yours that has your contact details in their address book got their email account hacked


2. you registered with your email address to a so-called free service that was actually meant to trick you into giving away your precious contact details


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Should Internet Security Be Taught In School?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Internet security in school_blogA recent study shows that higher education is failing to prepare students for cyberthreats. Considering what a large part of our lives is consumed by the internet and our devices, it’s surprising that we’re not teaching our children more about the online world.


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