Google Warns Again: Your [Gmail] Account Could Be At Risk Of State-sponsored Attacks

Google warns about state-sponsored attacksAdmit it: you turn to Google for everything. Want to find a cool restaurant? Google is your best advisor. Want to learn Japanese? Well, again, Google can return a wealth of tutorials upon search.

Google seems to know everything and we trust it. Especially when it warns us: “Your account could be at risk of state-sponsored attacks,” we rush to the page where it provides us with internet security tips on how to protect ourselves and read every word, carefully and avidly. But wait! State-sponsored attacks?

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BullGuard’s Vulnerability Scanner Helps You Easily Spot Weaknesses On Your Computer

Software_vulnerability_scannerSecurity holes in widely used computer programs make headlines almost constantly. Vulnerabilities in Oracle’s Java software, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, or Adobe’s Flash Player are just some of the software flaws that recently appeared in security news and serve as a reminder that computers have weaknesses too.

Parenting Tips – Is Pinterest Safe For Kids?

Pinterest parental control_blogAre your children asking you for permission to get on Pinterest? It’s pretty hard NOT to be a Pinterest fan, with all of those beautiful pictures – no wonder it’s the third-most visited social networking site and that your children are so eager to get on to it. It’s not surprising then, as a result of the site’s dramatic increase in popularity, that Pinterest has become a haven for cybercriminals.

3 Dangers That Might Ruin Your Valentine’s Day Shopping Spree!

Valentine shopping scams_blogThe International Day of love is just around the corner, inviting romantics from all over the world to display their love and…empty their wallets! When browsing for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to surprise your loved one, stay alert: cyber-thieves are also preparing for the occasion, and will do just about anything to steal your financial details!

The Java Saga: What You Need To Know

Java security holes_blogNo, we’re not talking about your morning coffee! We’re talking about security holes in Java! Okay, sure – you’re not worried because you’re so smart and have got your security settings on “High” or “Very High”. Sorry folks… you are still at risk. Flaws in the Java software mean an attacker could indeed sidestep those security settings, at which point he could go ahead and run malware, ultimately gaining remote control of your Java Web app.

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Flawed Communication Between Machinery Puts Internet Users At Risk

Security hole_UPnP_blogFlawed communication is a common thing among us, humans. But when we talk machinery and software, we expect every process to be flawless. Unfortunately, as recent research data shows, they’re not. Vulnerability management company, Rapid7, released a whitepaper on one of the most pervasive software vulnerabilities discovered recently: a security hole in UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

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