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BullGuard Receives The Top Rated Award From AV-Comparatives

Posted by blog@bullguard.com

Av_top_ratedJust last month we were announcing that BullGuard Internet Security 2013 had received the Advanced+ Certification from AV-Comparatives, following the “Real-World Protection Test” performed by AV-Comparatives’ experts in Aug-Nov 2012. This means that out of the 21 security products tested, BullGuard made it among the very best, alongside brands like Trend Micro, Bitdefender and Kaspersky, in AV-Comparatives’ “Cluster 1.” Now, we’ve got another announcement that we’re proud to make:


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Have you heard about the image-stealing Trojan?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Internet security breach image -stealing Trojan_blogA new piece of malware was recently reported to breach the internet security of regular web users: the image-stealing Trojan. Yes, as it turns out, malware can now steal photos as well.


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How To Become A Better Netizen In 2013?

Posted by alexandra_gheorghe@bullguard.com

Resolutions_blogAt the start of a new year, we all make promises to improve ourselves and to live happier.


You’ve probably jotted down your new year’s resolutions by now. Planning to lose weight, to quit smoking or to enjoy life more? These are among the most popular goals people try to stick to throughout the year.


But have you thought of becoming a better version of yourself in the online world?


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Adware Is On The Loose

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Adware_blogAdware is getting more and more aggressive, and it is most certainly invading your privacy. For those of you new to adware, the term is most commonly used to refer to ads that come embedded in free applications, as a means of monetization. So if you’ve been receiving those annoying pop-ups either on your mobile device or PC, adware is responsible for them.


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