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iPhone Users Becoming More Attractive Targets To Cybercrooks?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

IPhone cybercrooks target_blogAre you engaging in unsafe behaviour on your mobile device that could be putting your mobile security at risk? 


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BullGuard’s Backup Feature Makes It Easy For You To “Share With Friends”

Posted by blog@bullguard.com

Bullguard backup feature blogThe holiday season is now behind us but surely, you’ve captured all those magical moments spent with your family. You can re-live them just by accessing your photos and videos with a few clicks from time to time, on the device you have them stored on. You’ve probably thought of getting them all backed-up, just to keep them safe, in case your device breaks down beyond recovery. And of course, you’ve thought of making copies for your friends as well, even though it may take a while to upload them to a sharing site, where your friends can go and see them.


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Are You Buying More Than You Bargained For?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Electronics bundled with malware_blogIn the last year, there have been several instances where new, unused devices were found to already have malware installed on them. Imagine saving up for your HTC Magic Smartphone and finally walking in to Vodafone to purchase it. All that’s on your mind is what new ringtone you’re going to put on it. But when you get it home, and turn it on, you find it’s infected with malware! You’re already at risk of identity theft and you’ve barely even turned it on. Congratulations, you just purchased a device with malware pre-installed.


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Did You Get A Fake Gift Card This Holiday?

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Gift card fraud_blog

Gift card fraud is one of the top holiday frauds around. Perhaps you’ve experienced first-hand that sinking feeling of disappointment and despair when the shop assistant informs you the gift card from your grandmother is invalid, because it is fraudulent. Happy Holidays to you, right? 


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Software Vulnerabilities Part I: Apps Putting Your Mobile Security At Risk

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com

Vulnerabilities in mobile apps_blogWho would have thought that an app downloaded from a safe source could still put your mobile security at risk? That’s right, hackers have found another way to reach innocent users. This new method isn’t about creating corrupt apps, but instead by targeting legitimate apps, identifying weaknesses and using them against you, the user. 


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