How NOT To Embarrass Your Kids On Facebook…

Posted by kdunlaevy@gmail.com | December 24, 2012

Parents_kids_Facebook_blogPart of Facebook’s increasing popularity is that it’s no longer just for college kids. Parents are joining, tweens are joining, and with that comes complications. So, if you’re a parent on Facebook, what are the guidelines for not embarrassing your children?


Here at BullGuard, we’re providing you with a...


Safe and simple cheat sheet to help ensure your children won’t be social pariahs:


  1. Comment upon Comments upon Comments

Don’t comment on all of their pictures or status updates. Be selective and keep things neutral. Save conversations for the telephone, i.e. don’t post continuous comments in conversation form.


  1. Friending their Friends

Your children’s friends are your children’s friends. Leave it at that.


  1. Overuse of Language

Try to avoid using too many “LOLs” and “TTYL”. Overuse of these by anyone is just plain awkward.


  1. Baby Pictures

Don’t post these on their wall. Save it and go for the classic embarrassment tact, wait for their girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s to come over!


When all is said and done, it’s better to use Facebook as a tool to keep an eye on your children from afar. If your children did accept your friend request, don’t abuse it by indulging yourself in their world. And keep in mind that too much personal information about them or even you exposed on the social network is just what identity thieves and cyber stalkers are waiting to get their hands on!



 Follow these tips and don’t risk being unfriended by your own children! And see here how you can set your Facebook profile to private mode.



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