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Sir Winston Wishing You A Happy & Safe Halloween. Or Should We Say… Count Winston?

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Well chaps, was it the picture that gave it away? This year for Halloween, I’m Count Dracula!


I don’t know about you but I spent weeks trying to figure out what I should be... it’s not easy getting 4 legs into a costume. So I appreciate you all weighing in. The Facebook poll is over now and as you can see I decided to go for the costume that got the most votes from you. And I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

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The New Frontier Of Malware: Android

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Android_malware_targetJust last week we were talking about some worrying facts concerning mobile malware. As Juniper Research data showed, malware targeting mobile devices nearly tripled, from 14,000 to 40,000 instances, in less than a year.


This week, experts from the mobile security industry have been expressing their concerns about what can only be described as a pandemic of Android malware, with high risk or potentially dangerous apps reaching 175k in Q3 up from 30k at the end of Q2. And with only 20% of Android users protecting their devices, the majority is at serious risk.


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Calling All Noble Warriors. Draw Your Bow.

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Besieged2Sweepstakes_MOS_300x188Just recently we’ve announced that BullGuard Mobile Backup now supports BlackBerry devices, in addition to Android, iOS and Symbian devices. Hopefully, BlackBerry fans were pleased to hear the news.


Now we’ve got a cool giveaway for mobile gamers in the US. With the launch of the latest castle defence game Besieged 2, creators Leviathan Games and PulsePlay are giving away some cool prizes. And guess what? BullGuard has joined them in the giveaway!


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Facebook Scams: The Most Popular And What Does It Say About US?

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Facebook_scam_blogIf you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably had your account hacked or seen friends’ weird and wacky status updates – usually a result of being hacked. So what are the most popular scams on Facebook and how can you avoid them? Being aware of the scams that are out there is probably one of the best ways to avoid them.


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