How To (Re)gain Your Privacy On Pinterest And Why You Need To

Pinterest is one of many new comers to the social media world this year, and if you’ve yet to try it out, we here at BullGuard urge you to do so, safely.

It’s a great site that lets you create your own online pinboard, you can ‘pin’ (upload) your pictures or ‘re-pin’ ones you find online. You can follow other users, and comment on pins, engaging in discussions with other Pinterest users.

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Spam Zombies Are Here To Stay, And Multiply

Web_bot_2If the term “spam zombies” gives you the chills and thrills, it’s only natural. It does the same to computers. Only, well… from a more technical point of view. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, spam zombies are computers infected with a type of malware called “(malicious) bot” that manipulates them to send spam e-mails throughout the world, flooding millions of inboxes in a matter of seconds.

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Smishing Phishing

Phishing blog post_resizedNo seriously. Smishing and Phishing are words that should be in your vocabulary.  For those that don’t know…

Phishing – Criminals replicate commercial web sites to defraud an online account holder of their financial information.


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